Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess I'll have to explain this...

Well, here's my best attempt at a blog. I've had them before, but I wanted to take this one a bit more seriously.

The words Cheoil Saighdiuiri are Gaelic for "Musical Soldier" as reflected in my blog title. I'm only Scott/Irish by ancestry, but I've always loved the sound of Gaelic. And if you're wondering how it's pronounced, in IPA, it's:
This means that it's pronounced "koh-il sahk-JOOR-ih-ree." 

Well, enough of that explanation. I mainly plan to use this blog for little "essays" (as I call them) and thoughts about anything and everything. However, as is the nature of internet-based rambling, I fully expect this blog to evolve a great deal beyond it's normal definition.

So, let us see what dreams may come.

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